Prenatal Care

Every prenatal visit includes assessment of mother and baby including checking vitals, monitoring your baby’s growth and position and listening to your baby’s heart beat. You are encouraged to invite family and/or friends to your appointments. Lab work can usually be done during your visit. We will provide you with information about each test so that you can make an informed decision about your care. Ultrasounds, for those who elect this service or for those with a documented need, such as an uncertain due date, viability, and fetal position, can be scheduled at your chosen location. Don't hesitate to call your midwife if you have questions or concerns.

Childbirth Education Classes


Root of Life's Midwife, Jessica has developed a childbirth education series for growing families!  The class is 6 weeks and includes:

  • Nutrition and exercise-for healthy living during pregnancy and beyond
  • Preparing for your new family member
  • Labor, birth and comfort measures
  • Breastfeeding
  • Your baby...the ins and outs!

Check back for dates, times and location of the next class. If you are interested in a private class contact us.

Placenta Specialist

Placenta Encapsulation & Prints

Roots of Life offers placenta encapsulation and/or prints within 72 hours of the birth. This service is available to clients living within 45 minutes of Dover, NH.

Why encapsulate your placenta? This very personal choice has been questioned again and again. Studies are limited and results vary, so I rely on the current research available, worldwide and personal clients reports of the benefits of encapsulation.

Benefits reported by women:

  • Increased energy when taking capsules as directed
  • Increased milk supply while breastfeeding
  • Decreased feelings of baby blues and postpartum depression
  • Quicker return to overall feeling of health

Benefits reported by health professionals and limited studies:

  • Decreased incidence of anemia
  • Decreased incidence of sleep disorders and insomnia

The number of capsules is dependent on the size of the placenta. Generally moms receive enough capsules to sustain the first 6 weeks postpartum and occasionally freeze the remaining to be used as needed. For additional information on the processes available and cost, contact us.

Our Services

Reiki for your family

In home Reiki 

Reiki is a gentle ancient Japanese technique for reducing stress and promoting healing. A 30-60 minute treatment is relaxing and increases feeling of peace, security and well-being. A large portable massage table is generally used for treatments in the clients home. 

Reiki is often used in hospitals and other alternative healthcare offices. Research studies are inconclusive to the benefits but there is hope that larger studies will support what clients are reporting. 

Roots of Life Midwifery & Services

Labor and Birth

Births are attended by your midwife and an assistant midwife. During labor we provide guidance and support as well as evaluate that labor is progressing normally for both mother and baby. Many comfort measures are offered during labor including birth tubs, massage, heat/cold, position changes and lots of encouragement. Families, especially first-time parents, are strongly encouraged to attend a childbirth class of their choice and consider using a doula. Doulas are experts in labor support and can be an essential part of your birth experience. Early labor evaluations may take place in the comfort of your own home. Your midwife will stay with you at your home when you are in active labor and will check your vital signs and listen to your baby’s heart beat intermittently throughout labor. The first moments after the birth of your baby are special. Skin to skin contact, bonding and breastfeeding are encouraged and actively supported by your midwives. We are able to make sure that mother and baby are doing well with a minimal amount of disruption. A thorough newborn exam, including weight and measuring is done within a couple of hours after the birth. We make sure that both baby and mother are stable before we leave your home. Thorough instructions are given and a midwife is always available for questions or concerns.

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Your midwife will do a visits in your home to check on you and your baby within 24-72 hours after the birth. Additional postpartum visits are done in a week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks in your home or at the office. At these visits we discuss normal changes, check mom and baby vitals, and provide the Newborn Metabolic Screening, Newborn Hearing Screening, and breastfeeding support. The birth certificate for your baby is also submitted and a social security number is requested during this time. The postpartum period is a journey through many physical and emotional transitions. This journey is an essential part of motherhood and the developing family unit. Your midwife is here to accompany you and support you through this journey. Your midwife will provide normal newborn care for your baby for the first six weeks, however clients are asked to identify a newborn care provider for your baby in advance of your due date. If a concern arises, your baby will be referred to the pediatric specialist you have chosen for assessment and treatment.

Midwifery Services

We provide holistic care based on the Midwives Model of Care and the New Hampshire Certified Midwives (NHCM) scope of practice. We provide care in your home and in the office. Routine prenatal appointments are done once a month until 28 weeks of pregnancy, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks of pregnancy, then weekly until delivery. Your midwife plans to support you during the labor and birth, even in the event of transfer to the hospital. Routine post-partum visits are done within the first 72 hours after the birth of your baby, at 1 week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks. Appointments are scheduled for an hour, so there is plenty of time for questions and discussion of your concerns.