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Questions about Homebirth and the answers!

Do you accept Insurance?

Roots of Life works with clients to submit a bill for services to their insurance company.  Jessica is considered an out-of-network provider. Clients can also use Health Share, HSA or pay out-of-pocket for their care. Payment plans and income based reduced fee are available and may be discussed during consultation.

What does a Home Birth cost?

Total cost of care including prenatals, labor, birth and postpartum visits is $4,500. Clients may be eligible for a reduced fee based on household income. Clients also receive after office hours support, Lactation/breastfeeding support, car seat installation guidance, Birth kit, Birth Pool in a box, Postpartum doula support, and postpartum care tool bag. 

Labs and ultrasounds are not included in the cost of service but may be covered by insurance. Miscellaneous out-of-pocket costs; Placenta services ($300), Birth pool kit ($100) and second Midwife for labor and birth ($100-800).

​What is included in the Home birth services?

Midwifery prenatal care schedule follows a traditional schedule of visits. Clients schedule a consultation in early pregnancy and the initial prenatal visit is scheduled between 7-9 weeks pregnant. The traditional schedule includes visits every 4 weeks until 28 weeks. Prenatals are scheduled every 2 weeks from 28 weeks pregnant until 36 weeks. After 36 weeks, prenatal visits are every week until your baby is born. Your midwife, Jessica, is on call 24/7 for the big day! Labor support, birth, and immediate postpartum care does not have a limited time. You will also have in-home postpartum visits 24-48 hours after baby is born, 1 week, 3 weeks and 7 weeks (some moms choose to come to the office) postpartum. 

Who will be there during my labor and birth?

​Your midwife, Jessica, is the first Midwife on-call for your labor and birth. An assistant or senior student will be called for the labor, birth and immediate postpartum period. Clients usually meet the second midwife at the home-visit scheduled around 37 weeks. Roots of Life encourages the development of Midwifery. A student midwife may be present for prenatals, labor, birth and postpartum visits, with prior consent of the family. 

​Are home visits an option?

Jessica schedules visits in her office and in client homes. Home visits are great for families with small children. Jessica is comfortable with pets and has been known to hold gerbils, as requested.

What do I need to have for a home birth?

Home birth kits and postpartum care items can be purchased online at or A list of suggested items (towels, baby blankets, pads, depends, etc.)  is shared with clients around 32 weeks. Prepare for postpartum with snacks, easy to heat healthy meals, a Care Caddy (Peri-bottle, pads, Witch Hazel) and Parent/Baby care caddy (diapers, wipes, burp cloth, snacks for parents, breast pads for nursing moms, Water bottle)

Can I have a water birth?  

Yes, water birth is an option at home. You can use your own tub, buy/rent a pool or use the provided birth pool. Warm water can be a great tool in labor to use for relaxation.  Jessica uses a waterproof doppler to check baby's heart rate.  The safety of mom and baby are of utmost importance and a water birth may not always be advisable. Ask Jessica about water birth at your consultation or prenatal appointment.