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Questions about Homebirth and the answers!

Do you accept Insurance?

Yes, Roots of Life does currently accept insurance for Home birth, childbirth classes, and Lactation services. Roots is credentialed with some insurance companies. It is best to contact your covering provider directly, to discuss if home birth with a Certified Professional Midwife is covered or a reimbursed service. I work closely with clients to create payment plans and talk with insurance companies.

Who will be there during my labor and birth?

​Your midwife, Jessica, is the first Midwife on-call for your labor and birth. An assistant Midwife will also attend the birth. Jessica works closely with Melissa Agro of Bayside Midwifery in Portland ME area and Paige St. Cyr of Borne Home in the Dover NH area. Roots of Life encourages the development of Midwifery. A student midwife may be present for the birth with prior consent of the family. 

​Are home visits an option?

Jessica schedules visits in her office and in client homes. Home visits are great for families with small children. Jessica is comfortable with pets and has been known to hold gerbils, as requested.

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