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An amazing group of providers, "The Birth Bunch" have come together to share the highlights of their specialty. Collectively offering education to strengthen the connection with the evolving body.

Acknowledging that YOU are the expert of your body. 

The 3 part series focuses on the 2nd Trimester, 3rd trimester including birth and the 4th Trimester! The sessions are designed to be inclusive of any person/couple excited to learn about the whole body. Yes, this includes people who already have a baby(s)!  Yes, this includes partners ready to embrace a deeper connection!

These providers have supported and listened to many families over the years. This is what they heard....

"How can I get my body back?" ~ "I pee when I laugh and cough. Can you help me with that?" ~ "what if I don't have enough milk for my baby" ~ "My Doctor said I'm anemic. What foods can I eat to help" ~ "I had depression after my last baby, how can I avoid that this time?" ~ "How can I support my partner" ~ "I'm scared of tearing during the birth" ~ "Do I need a breast pump? Which pump should I get" ~ "Can I do anything for my sciatica pain?" 

These and many more questions and concerns will be answered!

A peek inside each session...

1st session is all about 2nd Trimester expectations, changes, preparation, and thriving. 

Presenters: Dr. David Rivera, Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Bailey, Pelvic Floor Therapist & Shelby Guptill, Dietician will walk you through the changing needs of your body and growing baby, how to deeply nourish yourself and ways to live your life to support overall health.

2nd session is designed to strengthen your confidence and prepare you for the final months before you birth your baby. The session dedicated to the 3rd Trimester and Birth!  You will be able to practice Spinning Babies positions, demonstrating movements to support your changing body and decrease discomfort.  Learn about preparing to feed your baby and plan how to nourish yourself. 

Presenters: Dr. David Rivera, Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Bailey, Pelvic Floor Therapist, Christine McKenney, Lactation Specialist & Shelby Guptill, Dietician will share how couples can feel empowered during the final months of pregnancy, labor and birth.

3rd session is the final session in this series. A night fully dedicated to what to really expect and how to prepare for postpartum! The 4th Trimester is the beginning of a beautifully evolving you. There is so much incredible mind and body positive information to share. Healing, fueling the body, caring for a new baby, embracing the biological changes and understanding when additional support is needed. Each provider is present to support you as the expert of your body!

Presenters: Dr. David Rivera, Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Bailey, Pelvic Floor Therapist, Jessica Davis, Midwife, Christine McKenney, Lactation Specialist, Mary Martina, Mental Health Counselor, & Shelby Guptill, Dietician.

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