Jessica Davis CPM NHCM

Owner, Midwife

Since 2006, Jessica has been involved in supporting families through pregnancy, labor, and birth. She started by training to become a Childbirth Educator and doula. Teaching and attending births allowed her to empower women to make educated decisions. In 2009, she started attending Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine and graduated in 2012. During that time, she trained with 5 different midwives, at home, in free-standing birth centers, and in the hospital. Also worked with women in Haiti at a busy birth center. Completing more than 200 hours of clinical experience and attending over 60 births to meet requirements for certification. In 2013, she became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) thru the North American Registry of Midwives and shortly after a New Hampshire Certified Midwife (NHCM).

In addition to Midwifery certification, Jessica has continued to pursue education to benefit her practice and clients. In 2014, she became certified as a Reiki II Practitioner and an EMT. Providing Reiki to families has been a rewarding addition to her practice. A portable massage table enables her to provide Reiki in the comfort of the clients home. Jessica also offers breastfeeding education and in home consultations. She has been a Certified Lactation Counselor. Appointments for breastfeeding support are often covered by insurance.

As a midwife practicing in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, Jessica relies on current research and the “scope of practice” defined and developed by The International Definition of Midwifery as accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Confederation of Midwives. NH also used these guidelines to develop a scope of practice and the New Hampshire Midwifery Council regulates midwives certified in NH. For more information about the Midwifery council or the New Hampshire Midwifery scope of practice; or

Jessica is trained to provide care to women who are considered low-risk during pregnancy, labor, birth, and after the birth of the baby. Safety of the mother and baby are of the utmost importance and the eligibility for midwifery care in an out of hospital setting is continually evaluated during the prenatal period. Pregnancy is a healthy and normal process for most women; however some health conditions or complications require a referral to a differently skilled healthcare provider.

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